Does your business chat!!!

There is a new meaning to the new water cooler chat in the digital world. It’s Chatter, also known as the Facebook for your business.

For staffing companies it introduces a new level of collaboration never seen before as you get to know a real time candidate tracking and hiring or new job openings from your team as and when it happens.

What is Chatter

Chatter is real time collaboration networking tool which helps people to easily team up at work. The updates in chatter are in automatic process which helps the employees to be in the track of all the updates and thereby help in making smarter business decisions as it helps to know the employees on decisions mattering most which they can share and work upon in a live environment.

Why do Recruiters need it?

Chatter serves as a multiple purpose tool as it not only helps them to keep in loop with the work they are doing. It even helps them to share profiles, follow groups, discuss about new trends happening centering on their work and even suggest or ask for referrals.

Adding a strong foothold to chatter’s application is the live update status which helps to know what your colleague is working upon with easy document and file sharing spontaneously. You can get notified on employment history verification along with all CRM and Recruitment process related activities.

Chatter is enabled with a higher privacy option which helps in keeping confidential information at ease. It also helps in managing who can view your information. Coupled with high security features people can now safely integrate business information from the chatter API to leading social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook etc. This helps in higher business productivity as networks of people are interlinked and interknown.

The best part about Chatter so that you never miss any update is that it can be easily integrated with your Mobile device which helps you get real time updates and stay connected on what matters to your work. is one of the leading Application Tracking Systems built on, a leading CRM Software platform, which enables the power of chatter for recruiters. See Chatter in action in this video See Video Here


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