Popular Sources of Recruitment

Recruitment is a challenging task, and many people are left in the lurch when it comes to finding new sources of finding potential candidates. However in my point of view, there are ample sources of recruitment sources available, which can be used by the recruiter to select the best candidate.

The most popular sources of recruitment are :-

  1. Social Media Recruitment
  2. Incentive based referral program
  3. Community recruitment
  4. College recruitment/placement
  5. Talent sourcing in the crowd
  • Social Media Recruitment :- One of the most popular sources of recruitment currently. It has grown tremendously because of its ease of use, multiple sourcing channels and low cost of usage. Recruiters now are able to double up as online reputation mangers and get the best talent for the hiring manager or the company, which they are working for.Social media also helps in getting the best talent for the company as we can get to know the likes, strenghts and any other special characteristic possessed by the individual.
  • Incentive based referral programme :- This is one of the frequently used sources of recruitment, wherein Organizations ask current employees to recommend skilled and competent employees within their network to expand their potential pool of candidates.If the candidate is duly selected the person referring him duly receives a small percentage of payout from the organization.
  • Community recruitment :- Many organizations follow community recruitment programs, wherein they hire people from within the community they are catering to. It is a way of maintaining corporate social responsibility. It also has the ability to build a superior workforce, with great loyalty and low turnover, at a reduced cost.
  • College recruitment/placement :- College recruiting includes internship or rotational programs to give students a taste of real work as well as a way to evaluate and assess students for potential recruitment as regular employees. There are many other elements that could be added to this list, but the idea is not to create a list of everything. It is to show , what happens if all of these elements are combined to create a bulletproof, flexible, and expandable ability plan to find good talent.
  • Talent sourcing in the crowd :- Very much similar to employee referral programme, but works in a broader group of network to recommend and select candidates with the right criteria. Common examples are Facebook pages, Groups and twitter etc, which promises to be a rich source of candidate selection in a targeted audience.




How to make sure that you retend the best talent for your company and simultaneously ensure Company expectations

Every candidate will be having his own choices, before joining any organization. The key lies in forming the right association between the culture of the company and the frequency of the candidate. If frequency is lacking in either side, it can lead to employee disengagement from the work what e is doing. Human resource departments should take a strong stance to ensure that employee and organizational productivity go hand in hand. This can only be ensured when candidate is known of the expectations; the company has towards him, which makes him clear on his career path.

Retention of a talented employee is a herculean challenge, and many companies are insisting on Open-door communicational policies and flat organizational cultures, with lesser hierarchical levels. This ensures in bringing about a uniform consistency in the individual.

Human resource personnel’s have now taken several initiatives to promote employee branding, talent management, learning phase execution which in turn is helping the employee to deliver a lot in terms of his qualitative output.

Hr personnel’s have now started using several training and motivational seminars, which helps to enhance in

  • Building and leveraging an employee’s talent.
  • Easy Information and communicational exchange between employees and the management.
  • Using technology as a partner to engage and get the best prospective employee through Social networking channels and to gain a positive insight from the people.

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