Recruiting with Twitter? Plan your objectives and go for it

Twitter, some might say it’s the best and others do not have anything to say about it. But the fact remains that it is attracting a vast population of Internet users day by day. Twitter being a social networking and micro blogging service allows you to reply on “What are you doing?” by sending short text messages which are 140 characters in length to your friends or followers.

For a recruiter, Historical tweets data can help to gauge the potential of an employee beforehand. Snap Bird a free tool service helps you in finding other people’s Twitter messages posted much further back than what’s archived in the results of Twitter search itself.

We just need to know their Twitter username and type that in the “Who” field, which displays us the entire search results.

So what can we learn from someone’s old Tweets. For starters new to staffing and recruitment, I would add that reveal a lot of tidbits about their work, thereby giving us plenty of competitive intelligence.

Very often in Co-Tweeting with their friends, they reveal the usernames of friends, co-workers and even their managers. They often tweet a lot of their likes, Dislikes which helps us in gauging the psychology of the person before hand itself. However do not go too personal on Tweets of a person; there might be an entire new dimension to his tweets.

What else can you think of, when you are Recruiting via Twitter?


The Power of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn continues to be the new face of Professional Networking. The buzz in Social Networking is still inclinated towards Facebook and twitter. However LinkedIn has come up aggressively in the networking segment by enabling more applications in their user interface.

If you are into Corporate B-2-B marketing and communications, and planning to venture into social Media, LinkedIn would be my first choice. The reason being its transparency. You can know who the other person is based on his profile, and can find out more information about a company. Even better the Discussion forums helps us to exchange and discuss topics, news and trends happening around in an industry or in general.

Here are some observations, why using LinkedIn Groups can be a win-win situation in generating brand recognition and even help you in delivering higher lead- gen opportunity to your Organization.

  1. Higher Privacy Features: – LinkedIn unlike Facebook is enabled with a higher privacy feature, which if enabled cannot be picked up by Search engines. As a side note, one thing we notice is that we can keep our groups private, by which the number of people who join remains a manageable size and we can control who joins the group.
  2. RSS Feeds– LinkedIn has an option for aggregating the RSS feeds into your mail. This helps us in picking up feeds as and when they appear on the group. You can even subscribe to relevant groups, profiles to create and engage in forums, discussions. This helps in creating a higher credibility to yourself and your brand as you are actively participating in it. Chances of you getting recruited are also quite high as companies want innovative answers, and yours might be the one they are looking for.
  3. Active Discussions: – Part of LinkedIn groups feature is the discussion session, which allows you to discuss on any new features, product updates, inputs etc wherein even the audience actively participate. Through this, we can learn and implement changes which we feel are necessary. The only catch here is “Don’t try to manage too much of the conversation or people will stop contributing.”
  4. Company Profile: – While you are actively engaging in LinkedIn in discussions, also check out your Company and Competitor profile pages in it. There is an enormous amount of data, people can find on this page and someone needs to constantly update and validate it. Let’s accept the fact that LinkedIn becomes the Online Brand Face of your company.

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